About Me : Same interests | Same destinations | Different impressions

Same interests | Same destinations | Different impressions

PN Nevado Tres Cruces | Chile

About Me

I tend to describe myself as a ‘nano-artist’. Nano because there is a proverb that says: small is beautiful. In addition, because dwarfish gadgets such as the iPod nano pretty much seem to be today’s attention-getters. Thus, it’s not astonishing that the word nano means dwarf in Greek. Rather than digging for gold like the dwarfs in the movie Lord of the Rings I seek for goods such as faith, truth, and knowledge. I also describe myself as an artist. I say this is because I’m good at so many different things. This includes creative writing as well as skiing – what I truly love doing by the way – or playing with figures. To be honest this mix might have propelled me to become a Computer Scientist in the end.

… Marko Volic


This travel journal is a compilation that provides you a great many, yet ever-growing collection of travelogues from all around the world. Enjoy.

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